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daily 6 p.m. - midnight

Last order in the kitchen 11:45 p.m.

Viewing Platform / M168

daily 10 a.m. - midnight


Dear guests,

we are happy to have you back in QOMO. The wait is over, you can enyoj our dishes and the view in the restaurant again as usual.  


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Restaurant und Bar

Opening hours
daily 6:00 pm - 12:00 am

+49 (211) 863 200 18



Masanori Ito, the chef of "QOMO", is dedicated to the modern Japanese fusion style. His wide range of skills is revealed by the extensive menu: starting with Wagyu Gyozas, then a superb Aka Miso Soup. The third course, classical Nigiri, is sushi in its pure form: tuna, catfish, and the highest quality salmon. From the marbled beef Wagyu Beef Sirloin, to the Lamb Chops with sweet teriyaki sauce and crisp vegetable garnish - everything is truly in harmony here. Including the accompanying wines and, if you like, the Japanese sake. Exceptional desserts turn out to be the perfect conclusion: the green tea has a mousse-like, creamy consistency and is wonderfully tart in flavour. At "QOMO", authentic Japanese dishes meet the best culinary aspects of Europe, but their union can be said to present a rather greater diversity.

Unfassbarer Rahmen


Clear elegance, with a restrained style. The city plays the main role, and yet it is so small below us. Enjoy the aesthetics of the room and the breadth of the horizon.


Two worlds in one visit - depending on whether you want to while away the time with us during the day or in the evening hours. You won't miss anything, because the rotation mechanism turns once around its own axis every 72 minutes. Let the horizon pass by you, as you enjoy the spectacular flair of a sunset with a fine splash of wine and an extraordinary meal.

QOMO Aussicht View from Rheinturm Düsseldorf
Excerpt from the menu
Wagyu Beef Tartar
Black Codd
Sea Bass Ceviche
Lamb Chops
Sweet Corn Skewer
Scallops Carpaccio
Tuna Tataki
Sushi variation "Moriawase" 24 pcs.

A new dining experience

Ito is a master of his trade. He is at home in the world, whether in Dubai, London or Dusseldorf. His art is a fusion of aesthetics and taste. Gourmets and guests will get their money's worth on this culinary voyage of discovery. Rest assured, the world of exclusive taste will open up for you. Thanks to exquisite taste combinations and first-class beverages.

QOMO Sharing Food Essen Bar Rheinturm

Dine and enjoy together. Let yourself be indulged by our kitchen team and immerse yourself in modern japanese fusion kitchen. The sharing experience is marked by each dish being presented simultaneously and therefore enjoyed at the same time.

Share your time - Share your dishes – Share your pleasure

Restaurant und Bar


In the truest sense of the word it is heaven on earth or – if you prefer – the earth has received a part of heaven. The QOMO restaurant in the Rhine Tower. A name that provides a home for the fusion style, which is as creative as it is new. The logo was also created to echo the tower's round shape. The perfect circular form can also be found in the lettering. In the Q as much as in the Os. And whoever would like to take the bridge over the Rhine, will be using the wide M with its curved arches.



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Viewing platform / Bar & Lounge M 168
Daily 2 PM – 11 PM

Small snacks, big emotions. Allow your eyes to wander and enjoy the lofty heights. The world is at your feet as you walk around, and the room spreads out over 360 degrees. A very special experience. What could be better than enjoying these moments with a small refreshment or a snack? The world is a great expanse, and from up here it presents itself from its most beautiful sides.